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687 Rye St. Unit 6
Peterborough, ON


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Let's Be Honest

Maybe you care about the hours, efforts, and meticulous attention that go into brewing our product. Maybe you care about the fact we uniquely bottle condition our beers giving them an authentic European flavour. Maybe you care about our story and who we are. Or maybe you don't.

Either way, one thing is for sure.

You're here for the beer. So let's get straight to it.

Oh, You're Still Here

So you actually are interested in hearing a little bit about us!?

Smithavens Brewing Company was founded in 2014 in Peterborough, ON. After a few years, in the start of 2020, the brewery changed ownership. We the new owners include, the two Anker brothers who bring 20 years of brewing, sales and marketing experience between them as well as Zach who gets to handle the "fun" of finance and accounting.

Smithavens Brewing Company fills a niche market with heritage German, Belgian and other Euro Beer styles paired with traditional bottle conditioning methods.

Bottle conditioning is the process of initiating a secondary fermentation in the bottle post packaging. This is done by adding new yeast and sugar where the added yeast consumes the new sugar source producing CO2 and carbonating the beer.  This process provides a distinct and alluring flavour profile with the side effect of some sediment (lees) at the bottom of the bottle.  Lees are yeast sediment and are actually very nutrient rich.  You can choose to leave the last little bit in the bottle or turn the bottle over before opening and mix them back in before pouring. It's a hazier looking beer however, and in our opinion, more delicious.

All our beer in bottles are bottle-conditioned.