Smithavens Brewing Company(formerly Smithworks) is a family owned and operated craft microbrewery providing fresh, quality beer to the local market. We are located in the City of Peterborough in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region.
We are dedicated to producing high quality beer made using premium malts, hops and yeast, in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and taste. Our beer is sure to satisfy tourists and neighbours alike.
Please Drink Responsibly
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Discover your Haven!
The Smithavens brewery is visitor friendly. Stop by our brewery and enjoy a glass in our newly constructed tasting room overlooking the brewery. Educational tours and tastings are available. Also, since beer always tastes better straight from the brewery, we have a retail store for you to purchase beer to take home or to the cottage.

We look forward to serving our community.
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Tasting Room
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We have some BIG NEWS: We have changed our name to Smithavens Brewing Company! Same Great Beer.
For those of you who are already fans of our beer, we want to assure you that it’s the same great beer, made for beer lovers by beer lovers…named Smith.
And over the next few weeks, you’ll start to see our cool new Smithavens packaging, labels, glassware and signage appearing in the LCBO, The Beer Store and the many restaurants and pubs already selling our beer.
You’ll also see us wearing our beautiful new Smithavens tops, ball caps and T-shirts at our Peterborough ON beer and tasting room whenever you drop in.
Why the change? Turns out our name sounded a bit too much like somebody else’s, so while you were getting to know our hand-crafted delicious beers, and sales just grew and grew, we took some time out to think… and decided to ride the crest of our success and change the name just before the spring season.
So stick with us! We are still family-owned and operated, and have added another Smith to the original three of Kelly, Randy and Beer Master Graham – our Uncle Ron has joined our team.

Other news:

You can already find four of our beers at select grocery stores. We plan to expand with a larger selection of our great brands into even more grocery stores in the coming months.
Our 2nd annual Kawartha Craft Beer Festival, June 10,11 (link)